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So Easy a Caveman Could Do It!

As one of the best and most sought after Phoenix wedding photographers, we have found that our couples seek us out and choose The R2 Studio, not because we are among some of the best wedding photographers in the country who truly BELIEVE in what it is that we do for our couples and the R2 Experience that we create, but because our couples are looking for something different when it comes to telling the story of their day. They want a wedding photographer who is going to tell their story with 100% authenticity! Let’s face it, we know and you know that there are THOUSANDS of wedding photographers in Phoenix alone to choose from. Are all of them the right fit for you? The odds probably aren’t in your favor regarding that. BUT, there are photographers out there are will create one of the most amazing wedding photography experiences that you’ve ever been a part of while also providing you with images that are to die for! We know it exists and we can help you find the right fit (even if it’s not The R2 Studio) with just a few simple steps.


We believe that finding the best Phoenix wedding photographers or best Hawaii wedding photographers or best Timbuktu wedding photographers or best “wherever you are getting married” wedding photographers will happen if you allow yourself to step away from whatever myth Wedding Wire and The Knot would like newly engaged couples, such as yourself, to believe. You’re susceptible to whatever bait they are throwing out and that’s ok. We’ve all be there! But really, and truly…. this is what you need to know when you’re looking for, not only the BEST wedding photographers, but the RIGHT wedding photographers for you. We will give you a hint: it has nothing to do with the cost of the wedding photographer….



  • Photographer’s Style
  • Photographer’s Personality
  • Quality and Type of Prints, Albums, Etc
  • Your Budget
  • Photographer’s Price Point

// Photographer’s Style

A wedding photographer’s style is the number one, single most important thing to consider in the selection process. When viewing photographs of various wedding photographers that you have your eye on, you should be directly comparing their wedding photography styles. Is your selection driven by price point or by end product? Keep in mind, you won’t be hanging those receipts on the wall when the wedding is over. We hope you are driven to hang some mind blowing pieces of art. Each image we take is a direct reflection of our unique, one of a kind style. Become familiar with your photographers style. Doing so will ensure that you love the final result!

// The End Game

Don’t underestimate the power of a physically tangible piece of artwork. Here at R2 we truly believe that no couple should walk away empty handed, which is why we have made it such a HUGE part of our purpose as your wedding photographers to make sure that you have one of the most amazing wedding albums ever designed. Your wedding photography should be artfully designed into your wedding album so that it tells the story of your day. Your wedding album is intended to be, and should be treasured as your first family heirloom. This is the one keepsake you will have forever to remember your amazing day. If you’re considering ONLY taking away digital files then you should also consider this to be a means to an end of your visual history. Unless printed, digital media has little to no longevity of life! Print, print, PRINT!! We will say it until we are blue in the face because we actually care about what you take away from your experience with us. Whether you’re planning a huge wedding day here in Phoenix or an intimate elopement in the jungles of Hawaii, no event is too small or too big to warrant having an R2 Album. We will make it easy – All of our collections come standard with a wedding album. Boom!

// What’s the Cost?

While price and budgeting is always a factor when selecting the best wedding photographer in Phoenix, there are many other factors that should play into your overall decision as discussed above. We hear of many couples who wish they had the images that they really wanted at the end of the day. Saving a few bucks in the front end may lead to a lifetime of regret. Dropping some serious cash on top shelf liquor or the “best meal ever” may cost you thousands of dollars up front and leave you with nothing in the end (except maybe a hangover and a full stomach). Having the most amazing photos from your wedding that you can enjoy for years and years to come is truly priceless!

// Personality

When selecting your Phoenix wedding photographer, Flagstaff wedding photographer, Sedona wedding photographer, or destination wedding photographer you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day. You are hiring and individual or a team who will spend the majority of your entire day with you photographing your wedding, spending time with your friends and your family, and capturing every moment that is important to you. Personality is a major factor in the selection process and should not be taken lightly. Your wedding photographer, whether it’s a Phoenix wedding photographer or a destination wedding photographer, offers up a unique personality that can often set the tone for your entire day, how you as a couple interact, how your bridal party responds, and in some cases how the stress level during your wedding is controlled. Ultimately, if you dislike your wedding photographer’s personality it can have a hugely negative effect on your wedding photography as well as your wedding day altogether. In most cases, you will be establishing a relationship with your wedding photographer over the course of your wedding planning and beyond that should contribute to the love of their personality, making you want to spend more time with them. Surrounding yourself with individuals and vendors, including your wedding photographer, whom you love having around are key to experiencing an amazing wedding day and enjoying your images for many years to come.

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Other Things to Consider


//Wedding Albums

Don’t underestimate the power of physically tangible piece of artwork. Your Phoenix wedding photographers and also destination wedding photographers should be including artwork in every package they have to offer you. What’s more, they should be providing you with a custom and beautifully designed wedding album that you can hold in your hand. Your wedding photography should be artfully designed into your wedding album so that it tells the story of your day. Your wedding album is intended to be, and should be treasured as your first family heirloom. This is the one keepsake you will have forever to remember your amazing day. Don’t let your legacy be left to the inevitable failure of digital media or larger corporations and social media such as Facebook and “the Cloud”. Keep your images close by and print them out. This is why The R2 Studio is a full service wedding photography studio. WE believe in providing one of a kind works of art to each of our couples that they and their future generations can remember their history by. If you’re considering ONLY taking away digital files then you should also consider this to be a means to an end of your visual history. Unless printed, digital media has little to no longevity of life! Print, print, PRINT!! We will say it until we are blue in the face because we actually care about what you take away from your experience with us as your Phoenix wedding photographers or lgbt wedding photographers.


Like artwork, hourly coverage for your wedding, whether it’s a local Phoenix or Scottsdale wedding or a destination wedding, is often misunderstood or even overlooked when selecting a professional wedding photographer. Consider what moments during your wedding day might be important in telling the story of your wedding within your album. A very typical coverage time for a Phoenix wedding photographer may differ from what  destination wedding photographer may feel is adequate in coverage. As local Phoenix wedding photographers we feel that a minimum of 8 hours is needed to cover all major events of your wedding day. When we become destination wedding photographers our coverage typically differs as we offer multiple days of wedding coverage in order to maximize on the wedding location and produce the most unique and dramatic wedding imagery.

//Number of Wedding Photographers

How many wedding photographers will be covering your Phoenix or destination wedding? Most typical events require at least two wedding photographers for the beginning of the day through the ceremony. Having more than one wedding photographer at your wedding day for certain points will allow for maximum coverage in multiple locations during your wedding day. This is a great way for you to not have to be concerned with what is getting photographed and what isn’t. At the end of the wedding day, upon receiving your wedding photographs, you should, in many instances, respond with, “I didn’t even know you were photographing that.” Having two wedding photographers will allow you to enjoy your wedding day as well as enjoy the final product of your wedding photographs. Essentially, nothing will be missed.


//Destination Wedding Photographers

As destination wedding photographers we have photographed weddings from Hawaii to Spain and just about everywhere in between. Many of our couples are local Phoenix couples who are planning to take their wedding to a fantastic destination. There are a number of benefits to having a destination wedding. However, be aware of the venue photographer. Whether you’re getting married locally or in a remote location, many venues will include a photographer. This venue photographer is usually lacking on creativity and is working solely for the venue. YOU are not their client and they are not invested in you. On the flip-side, take a local photographer with you on your destination trip and they will likely be so invested in you and your event that their coverage will be virtually limitless. They will be overflowing with inspiration and creativity. Their excitement for your destination wedding and the amazing photos they can get from your journey will be extremely apparent. THIS is the type of destination wedding photographer you want to have on your team for such an important event in your life. In addition, it will be much easier to get all of the finished products that you need from them after the event because they will be local and easy to get a hold. Take The R2 Studio for example. We love going to Hawaii and visit there once a year. We would go as far as to say we are also Oahu wedding photographers and Kauai wedding photographers based on how many shoots and weddings we have photographed on those Hawaiian islands. Any excuse to go to Hawaii and we are there! Often times we are able to work out traveling costs as destination wedding photographers who are in high demand. If you are having a destination wedding in a place that is on our bucket list then we will provide you with a unique quote to accommodate your needs and cross your location off of our list. It’s a win-win!

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//LGBT Wedding Photographers

When selecting your LGBT wedding photographer, same sex wedding photographer, or gay wedding photographer there are many considerations that go into that selection. As a same sex couple, we would suggest applying all of the above points when choosing the best same sex wedding photographer  or gay friendly wedding photographer. We know what it means to have same sex friendly wedding vendors in the Phoenix area and beyond. When looking for a LGBT wedding photographer or same sex wedding photographer be sure to ask them if they are LGBT friendly and support marriage equality as well as all versions of love. Having the assurance that your same sex wedding photographer supports what you believe 100% is priceless. We believe that, as the only gay wedding photographers in phoenix who are actually also a same sex couple, we have the most experience when it comes to understanding the uniqueness as well as the similarities that your relationship has. We are super skilled in posing same gender couples. Our style lends itself to an editorial and dramatic look and feel. Many of our gay couples who want to feel comfortable with their wedding photographer while creating some of the most amazingly sick images they’ve ever seen, find that they can really be themselves with us and just let loose. If you’re looking for THE BEST same gender and gay wedding photographer in Phoenix you should tell, instantly, by the massive amounts of same gender, gay, and lesbian couples plastered all over our portfolio that we have THE MOST experience in this area. WE are specialists!

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// Flagstaff Wedding Photographer

While we do photograph most of our weddings in the Phoenix metro area, we also have a location in Flagstaff, which allows us to split our location as both Flagstaff wedding photographers and Phoenix wedding photographers. We love being Flagstaff wedding photographers because we truly adore the Flagstaff environment. Yes, that photo above on the water was taken just a few miles outside of Flagstaff! One of the tricky things about being a Flagstaff wedding photographer is that it’s seen as a mountain town. Mountain town weddings tend to be very DIY, which we LOVE. But, the surrounding Flagstaff venues tend to be very affordable in comparison to Phoenix wedding venues. You may find that we are not budget friendly Flagstaff wedding photographers. We are, rather, the most amazing, highest quality, luxury Flagstaff wedding photographers in the area. We can basically guarantee that you will LOVE our unique, urban style when it’s mixed with the expansive mountain views that Flagstaff is surrounded by. The R2 Studio is a Phoenix wedding photography studio based in Phoenix, AZ offering wedding photography in the Phoenix metro area, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Barcelona, Spain, Florence, ITALY, and destinations worldwide. Hit the [email protected] tab to find out how to make The R2 Studio your Phoenix Wedding Photographers!