Birth Story Experience

A birth photography experience by The R2 Studio


As Flagstaff birth photographers we understand that life is all about the moments that make us who we are.  We believe all women are strong and birth in their own unique ways and we are there to capture that in a story. Your story!

Whether this is your first birth, your second, or one of many. No matter the time or location, from the moment you go into labor until your baby makes their grand entrance, we will be there to capture the moments that unfold. We believe this experience is something that should be remembered forever. 


Your experience begins with a Discovery Session with Robin. This is where most of your concerns and questions will be answered. She will gain a good understanding of your needs and your desires for when the big day arrives.

When you book your Birth Story with us we are blocking off our calendar to ensure we are available in the weeks surrounding your due date. This typically looks like 2 weeks before and one week after your anticipated due date.

Renee will be checking in with you periodically throughout the final month to make sure everyone is prepared and ready when the day arrives.



Your point of contact for us will ensure that Renee is kept up to date on your progress once you go into labor. Once you progress into active labor, Renee will arrive at the location when you are laboring. There is typically a lot of communication leading up to this point.

Renee will stay will through the delivery as well as the moments after to capture the cuddling and snuggling as well as any technical details such as the baby being weighed, etc. This ensures that your story will be told in its entirety.


When you visit our studio you will immediately notice that we have artwork on display everywhere. As a professional photography studio it is our responsibility to ensure that our families have something to hand down to their children. It’s what turly brings value to the connections you work so hard to build.

Once your session is complete, we will invite you into the studio to view your photos and design your final artwork. This piece of the experience is so important. It’s what we believe in and what drives our passion to create amazing photographs for you and your family.

You will have an opportunity to invest in your artwork before a single photo has been taken. This will only continue to build your excitement as you go through this amazing experience.

The Investment


Your $500 (plus tax) booking fee is the minimum required to lock your date into our calendar as well as the weeks surrounding your due date. Your booking fee will include the following items:

  • $500 Artwork Credit – for you to use in your Design Session
  • 3 Weeks Blocked Off – we will lock your date in our calendar
  • Full Coverage – labor, delivery, and after moments all captured
  • Private Reveal + Design Session – cinematic presentation of your photos and private ordering session

*Sales tax will be added to booking fee


ONE – $4900
Al a Carte value of $7500+

No booking fee!

Album Credit – 100 Photos

Wall Art Credit – $1000

Entire Digital Gallery – Web resolution; studio watermarked


TWO – $2900

Al a Carte value of $3700+

No booking fee!

Album Credit – 75 Photos

Wall Art Credit – $500

Digital Copies of Album Photos – Web resolution; studio watermarked

THREE – $1900

Al a Carte value of $2250+

$200 OFF Your Booking Fee!

Album Credit – 50 Photos

Wall Art Credit – $300 (from booking fee)

Digital Copies of Album Photos – Web resolution; studio watermarked

Birth is powerful.  
We can’t wait to tell your story.

Payment Plans

We offer a 6 month payment plan at 0% interest through PayPal Credit.

Simply click the button below to sign up at least 24 hours prior to making your purchase.

Go ahead! Let’s find out what collection you qualify for today!


These options can be purchased at anytime regardless of purchasing a collection

Wall Art – Archival Metal, Canvas, or Thin-Wrap Prints
Single Wall Art  ||  Starting at $450/ea
Signature Wall Art Collections ||  Starting at $1500
Set of 5 Matted Prints 8×12 or 5×7  || $1000 or $750/set

Portrait Boxes
Large Portrait Box – 10 Matted Prints || $2000
Small Portrait Box – 10 Matted Prints || $1500

100 photos|| $3500
75 photos || $2650
50 photos || $1750
*additional photos starting at $35/ea

Entire Collection of 8×12 Printable Resolution || $5000
Entire Collection of Social Media Resolution || $2500


These options are only available to add on to any purchased collection. They may not be purchased al a carte

Retro-Viewfinder || $300
Cinematic Slideshow || $500
Single Matted Prints – 8×10 or 5×7 || $200 / $150
Additional Album Photos   ||  $35 each
Single 8×12 Printable Resolution || $200/photo
Single Social Media Resolution ||  $100/photo

All add on’s or al a carte artwork purchased will include a digital social media copy of the purchased photographs. Social media copies are studio watermarked and sized for web sharing and not suitable for printing.

All things BIrth &Newborn

Other photography experiences for your family


Once your beautiful baby has entered the world and everything has calmed down, it’s time to introduce them to the family that is going to love them for the rest of their lives.  Have us photograph the moment siblings, grandparents or others meet baby for the 1st time.



Let us capture that pregnancy glow! We will pamper you & capture all your awesomeness at about 34 weeks in studio with R2. Each maternity session includes professional hair, make-up and wardrobe suggestions from our stylist. We want to capture the beauty and power there is in being pregnant.



They are only this little once.  Newborn Sessions take place in the comfort of your home.