Holy moly, do we have something to talk to you about… Confidence! In conjunction with sexuality, confidence is another fleeting feeling most women have. We’re constantly in question about whether or not we have something to be confident about. Let us tell you that during our most recent CRAVE weekend, we had confidence oozing out of every pore of the studio! Especially from this gem of a woman! Sandy radiates confidence and was such a fun addition to our CRAVE marathon. We’re so excited to share her story with you!

Sandy is a fascinating woman with an awesome story to tell. She was a freestyle ballroom dancer for many years. Consequently, her favorite part of her body is her legs. Stemming from that performance background, Sandy loves to stand out and put on a show! We think that definitely shows in her CRAVE photos. Confidence left and right! Sandy is super fun and very funny! The laughter just did not stop with her in the studio.

We were so excited to get Sandy into the studio for her session. Unlike many women that we know, she LOVES lingerie. While we believe lingerie isn’t necessarily the centerpiece of sexiness and confidence, if YOU love it, so do we! She brought some beautiful pieces as well as some great kimonos. Sandy lived in Japan for a long while and has quite the collection.

Outside of the pure confidence and showmanship she has, this CRAVE session was all about Sandy treating herself. She is a caretaker, a mother and a hardworking professional. She wanted a way to celebrate all of her hard work and be able to say, “You did a great job of taking care of yourself.” Isn’t that what life is all about? You are wonderful, beautiful, and sexy. Be good to yourself. As good as you are to others. As women, it’s so easy for us to get carried away with being givers and we’re often too hard on ourselves. What we can learn from Sandy’s CRAVE session is confidence! In yourself, your life choices and your sexuality. OWN IT! You deserve it.

Thank you so much, Sandy, for being such a bright beam of light during our last CRAVE marathon. If you like to put on a show just like Sandy, contact us today to put your own spin on a CRAVE session with us!

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