The Senior Experience

by The R2 Studio

The Senior Experience

Your senior portrait experience is tailored 100% to who you are, what you’re into, and the way you want to be remembered. We will spend time chatting with you as well as your parents prior to your photo session so that we can fully understand these things as well as what your vision may be. Then, together, we will plan your photography session, which may take place on/in a specific location and/or in our studio.

1. BOOK IT! – Once you inquire, we’ll contact you to discuss, in detail, what your Senior Experience will entail. To book your experience, we will coordinate our schedule with yours to find a day and time that works best. A booking fee will be received to secure your session day and time.

2. PRE-CONSULT – We love to spend some time talking with you about who you are and how we will celebrate that during your Senior Experience as well as through the beautiful printed artwork that will be created from your session. During this time we will answer any questions or concerns you or your family may have regarding the session/photos. Together, we will plan the flow of the session, set the scene, and discuss outfit changes, theme, etc.

3. THE SESSION – You will arrive to your session ready to begin with your first outfit. We usually suggest 2-3 outfit changes during your session. Your session will be very relaxed and FUN! We will spend the time focusing on capturing all of the things we discussed during your pre-consult. Our goal is to go into your session with purpose, have a blast, and create photos that you and your family will be extremely proud of.

4. PRIVATE REVEAL – After your photoshoot, we will invite you and your family back for a special, private cinematic reveal of your photographs. We will have all of our products available to view, touch and feel. During your private viewing is when you will be able to order prints, upgrade/order your albums, and choose from a variety of beautifully crafted photo products that will be designed specifically for you!



We recommend bringing wardrobe options that cover all aspects of your personality. From girl next door, sports star, fashionista, GQ, or whatever best says, “THIS IS ME!”. We will discuss all of these ideas with you during your pre-consult so that you know exactly what to plan for. Your session is your time to explore every aspect of who you are and show it off!


Colorful accessories, shoes, jewelry, scarfs, and outerwear can really take your photos to the next level. Even a small touch of color, such as a scarf or a stylish jacket can add a lot of excitement and interest to the composition. If you’re not sure what colors, patterns, and textures would go best with your hair and skin tones, just ask! We love making recommendations and talking about style with clients.


If you participate in any kind of extra activity, club, sport, group, or hobby and it really speaks to who you are or how you want to be remembered from your high school years, then bring items along to your session that portray what you’re passionate about. We will also discuss this in detail during your pre-consult.


A picture is worth 1000 words

We encourage our seniors to tell their story through their amazing photographs. We have seen just about everything and we never shy away from whatever it is that you’re passionate about. Be it dancing, football, jrotc, music, theater, golf, fashion, art, or a really unique collection that you started when you were just 6, we would love to help you tell the story of whatever it is you’re passionate about. You can bring props, themed outfits, live animals, or whatever floats your boat (if you’re into boating, we can capture that too!) We will discover more about this during your pre-consult and we literally can’t wait!

The Art of Perfection

A Closer Look at Post Production

BEAUTY IS AN ART. It’s not about how you look, but rather how you feel about the way you look. Confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence is what we all want. Confidence, self-acceptance and personality is what we strive to bring out in the clients we photograph. We need you to know that you’re perfect now. We don’t photograph “models” but rather, we believe in finding the model within you. You are awesome just the way you are and with a little help from our experienced team and expert skills in lighting, posing, photography, and post production, we are excited to help you celebrate that awesomness!

WHAT IS POST-PRODUCTION? This is where we masterfully touch up your individual photos. We lightly even out unnecessary shadows, adjust color tones and highlights as needed, and touch up blemishes as needed. We will polish your natural beauty so that the truest you is what shines. What we don’t do is make you look like some unrealistic version of yourself. You can also request that we focus on certain areas more than others, which we will discuss with you in depth prior to your session. Our rule of thumb is that, if it isn’t a part of your everyday look, such as a blemish that appeared on your session day, then we make adjustments on our end to reduce awareness to those things within the photos themselves.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Your session is your time to explore every aspect of who you are. Although we love to make you look your absolute best, we are unable to accommodate requests for reducing waist sizes or adding/removing major features. We encourage our clients to wear outfits that flatter your best parts and hide those you may not love so much – and are happy to provide our advice and experience on what to wear before the session!

The Investment

We Have Two Ways to Book

Whether you’re looking for all the bells and whistles with lots of beautiful keepsakes and heirloom quality artwork or just a simple experience with a handful of beautiful photographs that you can use for grad announcements, the options we provide have got ya covered!

Option ONE

The Senior Experience + all physical and digital products a la carte, which are to be purchased separately at your reveal and ordering session scheduled about a week after your session.

Click the button below to schedule, book, and pay for your session right away! Once you’re booked we will connect with you to schedule your pre-consult

Option TWO

Choose from 3 different pre-paid all-inclusive collections that are discounted for advanced purchase and must be purchased prior to your session date in order to take advantage of the HUGE savings.

Contact our studio to book one of our 3 pre-purchase collections, schedule your session, and get the ball rolling.

You only graduate once. Let’s celebrate it!

The Full Senior Experienceoption one

Pre-Consultation to plan your session

An hour and a half of session time in our private studio space or on location

Professional makeup (if desired)

Direction and posing

Private, in-person viewing and ordering session where you will design and purchase the heirloom quality artwork al a carte

All final photo selections individually retouched

$250 Artwork Credit to use in your private reveal and ordering session on al a carte product

$250 +tax

You can book this option right now. Click the button below to pick your session date and time!

COLLECTIONS – option two

Our pre-purchase collections are created to provide a collection of beautiful, printed products, including your photo session (Full Senior Experience), for a discounted price. Collections may only be purchased prior to your photography session. You may also use the add-on and al a carte menu below to customize pre-purchased collections to meet all of your needs.

ONE – $4500

Cinematic Slideshow
Set of Accordion Brag Books

Wall Art
$1000 Wall Art Credit – Let’s create the artwork specifically for your home.

8×10 Album or Portrait Box.  Includes 25 photos of your choice. Additional photos are available for purchase.

Receive ENTIRE GALLERY of photos in a custom app for downloading and sharing online (social media resolution)

Al a Carte Value: $5500+

TWO – $2500

Cinematic Slideshow

Wall Art
$750 Wall Art Credit – Let’s create the artwork specifically for your home

Album/Portrait Box
6×8 Album or Portrait Box.  Includes 20 photos of your choice. Additional photos are available for purchase.

Receive all printed photos in a custom app for downloading and sharing online (social media resolution)

Al a Carte Value: $3250

THREE – $1500

Wall Art
$350 Wall Art Credit – Let’s create the artwork specifically for your home

6×8 Album. Custom designed to include 15 photos of your choice. – Additional photos are available for purchase.

Receive all printed photos in a custom app for downloading and sharing online (social media resolution)

Al a Carte Value: $1850

Payment Plans

We offer a 6 month payment plan at 0% interest through PayPal Credit.

Simply click the button below to sign up at least 24 hours prior to making your purchase.

Go ahead! Let’s find out what collection you qualify for today!


These options can be purchased at anytime regardless of purchasing a collection. Whether you purchased OPTION ONE or OPTION TWO, your artwork credit would apply toward any al a carte options purchased.

Wall Art – Archival Metal, Canvas, or Thin-Wrap Prints
Single Metal or Canvas Artwork starting at  ||  $450/ea
Composite Metal Artwork starting at   ||   $1500
Signature Artwork Collections starting at   ||   $2500

Portrait Boxes
11×14 Portrait Box – 10 Matted Prints || $1500
8×10 Portrait Box – 10 Matted Prints || $1000
(additional matted prints start at $100/ea)

8×12 Custom Album – 10 photos || $1500
6×8 Custom Album – 10 photos || $1000
(additional album photos start at $100/ea)

Matted Prints – Sets of 5
Set of 5×7 || $500
Set of 8×12 || $750

Set of 5 Digital 8×12 Photos – Printable Resolution || $750
Entire Collection of 8×12 Printable Resolution || $5000
Social Media Collection – Entire Gallery || $2500

*You will receive a web resolution/social media digital copy of any photos purchased as prints


These options are only available to add on to any purchased collection. They may not be purchased al a carte

Retro-Viewfinder || $250
Set of Brag Books || $300
Custom Slideshow || $500
Single Gift Prints – Matted 8×10 or 5×7 || $150/$100/ea
Single 8×12 Printable Resolution || $250/photo
Single Social Media Resolution ||  $100/photo

All add on’s or al a carte artwork purchased will include a digital social media copy of the purchased photographs. Social media copies are studio watermarked and sized for web sharing and not suitable for printing.