The R2 Senior



We are looking for CURRENT high school juniors, soon to be seniors, who are…


You have no problem talking to other high schoolers in and out of school.

Active on Social Media

You are active on social media and enjoy posting frequently.

Involved at School

You are involved in clubs, teams, groups, etc at your school.

Involved Outside of School

You might be involved in groups and activities outside of school as well.


Available in April

You must be available in April 2023 to have your photos taken.


Parents who are involved in groups with other parents of high schoolers is also a plus! If your parent is outgoing, involved in groups, and active on social media, that is a HUGE plus. They can also be a co-ambassador and help you out!

What is an ambassador?

We are glad you asked! As an Ambassador for The R2 Studio, you will be given a complimentary photo shoot that captures who you are and and tells your story in the most epic, unforgettable way. These aren’t your typical, run of the mill, senior photos. These are photos that will blow your mind!

Your job as an ambassador for R2 is to tell your peers about your photo experience, show off your photos on social media, and hand out custom rep cards with your amazing photos on them!

What are you waiting for?

Our average client invests $1500 on their Senior Pictures. This is your opportunity to have the most incredible High School Senior Photo Experience… FREE!

And all you have to do is talk about it!

But, don’t worry, we make that part easy!

Here’s How it Works


Apply to be an Ambassador

Once you apply we will set up a “Discovery Session” with you and your parent(s) to dig a little deeper into who you are and how we can tell your story.


Do a Photo Shoot

If we feel like you/your family will be a good fit, we will schedule a photo session with you BEFORE the end of the 2023 spring semester.


Start Reppin'

Once your photos are ready, it’s time to start spreading the word! You will get to pick your top 3 favorite photos to share on social media and tag our studio. We will also provide you with photo gift cards that have a unique promo code to hand out to everyone you know.

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s do another shoot!

Don’t worry, we know that you don’t want to use your photos from Junior Year as your Senior Photos. So, as one of our ambassadors you will get ANOTHER complimentary shoot. All you have to do is get at least TWO other people to use your gift card promo code to book their own senior shoot with us and you will get your actual senior photo shoot 100% free. (shoot only)

In addition to that, for each person that uses your code you will rack up $100 in print credits per use (your mom will like that one) and a chance to win additional hook ups!

Hook Ups

For every senior that uses your gift card code, you will have a chance to win items that you will love! Hook ups are compounding so you can win them all!


Social Media Gallery

With 10+ sign ups you will get a social media gallery of ALL of your photos

$25 to Regal Cinemas

With 6+ sign ups you will get a gift card to Regal for you and your BFF.

$15 to Cryo Roll

With 3+ sign ups you will get a gift card to CryoRoll for you and your BFF.

Free 2nd Shoot

With 2+ sign ups you will get a complimentary Senior Photo Experience (shoot only)

$100 Print Credit

For EVERY person who uses your gift card code, you will receive $100 in print credits that can be used to purchased printed artwork and digitals from both of your sessions.


Use the form below to submit your application.