We were on a Hawaiian Airlines flight for a 3 week vacation/work trip with our kids when we heard our name being called.  We turned around and saw the Caputo family.  They were on their way to the Big Island and we were headed to all the other 3 islands (Maui, Kauai and Oahu).  It was then we connected and made plans that the next time they went on their Hawaii vacation over the summer we would go as well to capture their family photos. So, guess what happened? We re-connected this spring and planned out our trip over to spend it with this beautiful family. This Flagstaff family has  a heart of gold.  Jen is one of those moms who is at every sports game, loves her kids & husband to death and works hard for herself also.  Erik is one big teddy bear.  When you get him talking about his family you can see that they are his motivation behind everything he does.  He loves his wife to the moon and back and makes time to throw some ball with both of his high school boys.  Meet the Caputos, our fabulous friends, Hawaii lovers & a family filled with love.