Courtney and Josh’s wedding at The SLS Hotel in Las Vegas was one of our favorite weddings this year! Not necessarily because The SLS is super cool (it totally is!) but more-so because we just can’t get enough of these two. From the moment I met Courtney in our little video hangout (they live in northern CA so meeting up in person was not possible), I knew I just had to hire her… errr… I mean the other way around. I just knew she had to hire us because if she didn’t I might just cry! Obviously, they did and it was a match made in heaven!

Courtney and Josh are two people in this world that set an example of what more people should be like. They are love-able and they love life and the world around them simply, I believe, because they have found each other. Their joy for being in each other’s presence and being alive to experience what life has to offer shows through and through. Their SLS wedding was our little glimpse into their lives and the people who love them most. I believe that the photos will definitely allow you to FEEL the positive vibes that they were throwin’ down!

From Chambongs in Courtney’s getting ready suite to a few quick rounds of Heads Up in Josh’s getting ready room, each setting made for lots of laughing with their wedding party. We headed into their first look down, what can only be described as, an Alice in Wonderland hallways. After the first look, we hit up some of the cool spots around the hotel for some adorable portraits and then it was off to the ceremony and reception.

Their reception was one of the coolest parties we have ever been to! They turned Bazaar Meats into their own personal casino dedicated to all of their guests that highlighted some of the most bazaar meat options that I have ever seen. We are talking huge sheets of puffed up pig skins (fancy pork rinds), plated pigs heads, and a nitrogen cotton candy signature drink. Don’t even get me started about the awesome dance moves inspired by Pulp Fiction. Seriously, these two are on a level all their own and we loved being apart of every bit of it!

We hope you enjoy!

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