I am incredibly grateful to be able to specialize in telling the amazing birth stories of families through their Flagstaff birth photography experience. As a nurse and a photographer, I am able to combine the best of both worlds. I photograph moments that show joy, emotion, intensity, love, power and more when you are giving all you got. So, whether you choose to deliver in a hospital setting, a birthing center or at home, I will tell your birth story in a way that is modern and allows for your family to carry on their story. Birth photography is not only one way to keep the stories in your family alive but it also allows your child to see how loved they were during their time in the womb and delivery. Here is a look at some highlights of different births and deliveries we have been a part of. All Flagstaff birth photography by Renee of The R2 Studio. To see a complete story visit hereĀ Madeline’s Birth Story