The newborn



These aren’t just newborn photos, this is an experience unlike any other!

Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, having a newborn is an exciting journey worth documenting. Our newborn portrait experience is designed around your family, specifically, and telling your story through creative portraits and beautiful artwork that will become a statement piece in your home for years to come.


As your Flagstaff newborn photographer, we love capturing the candid moments as they unfold. Your newborn experience can take place in your home or, if needed, in our studio. It’s a very real and raw type of session that is designed to capture the sweet, cuddly moments, as well as the real moments where anything can happen!

What to Expect

During your newborn photo session, we will let the story tell itself. With a little guidance here and there, we expect the unexpected and hope to capture exactly that! Your newborn experiences will last about 60-90 minutes allowing plenty of time for snuggling moments with parents, siblings, pets, as well as nursing breaks and baby outfit changes, etc. We also allow time for individual photos of your baby, swaddled up on a blanket where we can focus on their sweet, tiny details.


We will be connecting with you in a consultation prior to taking photos so that we can understand more about your hopes for the photographs and who may be involved in the session with you.

What are you waiting for?


Our studio prides itself on helping you create one of a kind, handmade artwork that will become a statement piece in your home!

After your newborn photo session we will invite you back into the studio see your photos in a private, cinematic reveal. We call this The Design Session. During this Design Session you will see around 30 photos from which you will design and order your final artwork!


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