grandparent session flagstaff arizona

Grandparent Sessions are so important to our family photography dynamic. Passing down memories from generation to generation is something we are very passionate about! Grandparents are such an important staple in our little ones’ lives. That’s what we like to showcase in our grandparent sessions.

The Pomeroy family is lucky to have 4 grandchildren. They told us that being grandparents is the best thing that ever happened to them! Kaiser, Broden, Deegan and Tiernan are very lucky kids! Greg and Mary-Kate built some beautiful houses right next to each other to be close to them. All of the boys actually love helping their “Papa” build things. Their beautiful property near Arizona Snowbowl has a ton of room for projects.

Tiernan is the “little darling” of the group, being the only girl. Luckily, she’s ready to be goofy and play with the boys! They all love piling into (and onto) her toy jeep and mobbing around together. They also have a really awesome trampoline and zipline course in their grandparents’ yard! These kids are a rowdy and fun bunch!

This session also featured a truck that has been with the family since college! Greg and Mary-Kate have had this truck with them for almost their entire relationship. It’s only fitting that we captured all their grandkids and their precious pup in it!

As family photographers, we love these grandparent sessions because they touch on all the values we apply to our own family and our business. It’s important to create and pass down memories and values that we can be proud of. Our customized artwork and imagery is crafted to outlive us and be a part of our legacy for generations to come. Thank you to the Pomeroy Family for trusting us to be a part of their family and making their grandparent session so rewarding.

grandparent sessions flagstaff az

grandparent sessions flagstaff arizona

grandparent sessions flagstaff arizona

grandparent sessions flagstaff arizona