As the Shultz-Roberts family photographer, I have spent a good handful of years now capturing major transitions in this family’s life. It started when Sawyer graduated high school and then continued when Christi met Ryan and they got married. The big transitions were only beginning! Christi called me a few months after their wedding to talk about doing a family photography session for Liam, her middle kiddo. Turns out he was so inspired by the stories his grandpa had shared with him about his time in the military that Liam had decided to enlist in the Navy. He would be shipping off on June 20, which just so happened to be his birthday!

So, we planned and prepared for their family photo session. Little did Christi know that, leading up to Liam’s send off, all of his talk and excitement about joining the Navy would inspire his older brother, Sawyer, to join too! So, Sawyer will be shipping off before Christmas later this year. In addition, Sawyer’s girlfriend would not be allowed to move with him to where he does his training unless they were married. So, they all went down to the courthouse and took care of that.

Last, but certainly not least, is Bella. She still lives at home but, this may very well be the last year for that as she is preparing for her last year in high school. So, this mom has braved a lot of emotional transitions in a brief amount of time. She does it all with a huge, bubbly smile on her face because she has wanted nothing more than to be surrounded by family. What an amazing family she has created!

In our times of conversation planning her family photo session, I discovered that every weekend they do a “big breakfast”. So, we decided that capturing Liam’s last big breakfast (for the time being) would be a great way to capture what this family is all about. It’s moments like this that make me appreciate being a family photographer so that I can capture these little details and moments that mean the world to families like the Shultz-Roberts family. Enjoy!

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