Lauren and Trevor’s McCormick Ranch wedding was full of energy and absolutely amazing! First of all, Lauren and Trevor are so spontaneous and fun; the laughing never ends with these two. I believe they are both 5 year olds trapped in the bodies of 20 year olds. Basically, they are SO MUCH FUN and they will crack you up with the simplest things….not to mention, they will crack them selves up too!

They got married on Halloween but nothing about their wedding screams or even says Halloween. Their beautiful McCormick Ranch wedding was full of amazing design elements and LOTS of flowers. Renee and I walked into their reception space and we were blown away by the amazing aroma of flowers that filled the air. It was incredible!

Amy Bacon of Celebrations by Amy Bacon and Kate Ryan Designs knocked this wedding out of the park with their attention to detail and over the top production. It’s always a dream working with this crew!

Some of the highlights from this day were the amazing sunset shots we got after the ceremony. Special thanks to the flying V of ducks that swooped through my photo of Trevor spinning Lauren on one of the golf course hills. There was also one guest at the reception, that you will see, who was SUPER into the dancing. Thanks to that guy who made for some awesome photo moments.


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