Laurie and Lowell’s top secret Flagstaff elopement wedding was beyond perfect! First of all, I absolutely loved the intimacy involved in elopements. Being that this Flagstaff elopement was top secret, it held so much more weight (in a totally awesome way!).

Lowell and Laurie met online only a couple of months ago. Yes, they have only known each other for a couple of months. No, this is not a “shotgun wedding“. This Flagstaff elopement wedding was planned because these two amazing people are simply in love beyond what words can describe. These two are like the same two peas in the same pod. It’s ridiculous how perfect they are for each other.

I have actually known Lowell for years. I met him when he rented out the basement apartment in my house. Best renter I ever had! When I became pregnant with Austin I kindly kicked him out haha! We remained friends ever since. So, when he and Laurie decided to plan their very intimate elopement, Lowell reached out to me. Obviously, he had to have the best wedding photographer in Flagstaff for this incredible moment in his and Laurie’s life. DUH! I was all over this! I LOVE elopements and all of the pieces of this story really had me captivated! Seriously, who plans a wedding after knowing each other only 2 months and manages to keep the top secret completely secret?! These two!! In fact, no one in their circle of family and friends found out until the next day when they posted a sneak peek photo I sent them to Facebook. So nuts!!! So Amazing!!

They got ready in the same room at The Little America Hotel in Flagstaff. I love when couples get ready in the same room. If I could go back and do my own wedding all over again, that is the single thing I would do differently! I believe that spending your wedding day together is really what it’s all about! Laurie did put her dress on while Lowell paced the grounds of the hotel and caught up on some blogging. This made it possible for us to do a first look that had some AMAZING reactions. You will notice that, throughout the day, these two are some of the happiest, most full of laughter people you will ever “meet”. There weren’t many moments that they weren’t smiling or laughing together about something.

From the hotel we caravanned with Laurie’s BFF, Jenee, and Laurie’s chiropractor/officiant out to a gorgeous spot on the 151 forest service road. The aspen leaves had changed color and fallen to cover the road, which just added to the ambiance of the location. No need for decor here. The forest had it covered! Lowell and Laurie stood smack dab in the middle of the road while Laurie’s friend/officiant/chiropractor led the ceremony with a song that he sang. It literally echoed through the trees. Cars began to back up on the road as they saw was what happening. The drivers all stopped and killed their engines for this special moment that was taking place in one of the most random places ever. After the ceremony the drivers proceeded while snapping a few iPhone pics and congratulating one of Flagstaff’s newest married couples.

We signed the marriage license on a log in the woods and by we I mean Jenee and myself! Arizona requires 2 witnesses in addition to the officiant. So, being that we were limited on wedding guests, I had the unique opportunity to officially help set their marriage in stone/writing.

After snapping a few (awesome photos in the fall colors) we zipped back to the hotel where there was a bottle of sparkling cider and a custom cake from Sugar Mama’s Flagstaff, which I heard was absolutely delicious, waiting. Laurie and Lowell wrapped up their wedding day with a toast and a few bites of cake.

Could this day have been any more amazing?! I seriously doubt it! The next day Laurie and Lowell and Jenne’s family spend an afternoon up at Snowbowl. They heard conversations and rumblings about “the wedding in the middle of the road under the aspen trees”… “did you hear about that?!”.

I love these two and feel so privileged that they asked me to be their wedding photographer as well as one of the few witnesses on such a special day. Also, HUGE props to my kiddo, Ashlyn, who took many of the photos you will see in this post. I am so proud of her crazy photo skills! Enjoy….

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