Megan and Casey are one of our past wedding clients who have a growing family. As their Gilbert family photographer, we have captured Chloe’s first few days in this world and now her excitement as her baby brother gets ready to make his grand entrance into their family.

I spend some time catching up with Megan and Casey to learn more about what life has been like over the past year or so and what inspires them most about having Chloe in their lives. As a stay at home mom, Megan just loves being a mom and watching Chloe grow and explore right before her eyes. Having the ability to be home with her family is priceless.

Casey works long days to provide for their family. He loves watching Megan be the most amazing mom to their daughter. He gets so excited to come home each day and see what new things Chloe has learned with the help of his awesome wife. He told me that Chloe loves when he throws her up in the air and rough houses with her. “The look she gets on her face,” he told me, “just tells me that she really loves me and that I can make her happy.”

I can’t wait to see how the addition of Casey JR (“CJ”) will continue to impact and inspire the Lee family in a positive way! We love being their Gilbert family photographer and can’t wait for next time!

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