As Phoenix family photographers we love seeing how unique each family is that we get to work with. When I asked Kyla what she loves most about her son, Collin, she said, “I love his little rock star stance. He has this guitar and he loves to play it. I will put music on and just goes to town.” So, of course, the first thing he grabbed when I got there was his guitar and he wanted to show me how he could play. He also showed me his little kitchen where he cooks mommy yummy food. Then we played in his little go-cart outside on the grass. After that, he and Kyla had some really sweet moments being snuggly and silly, which was really great to watch.

As a single mom, Kyla loves the snuggle time that she gets with Collin. He is sweet and sensitive and often tells her that he wants to cuddle with her and his favorite stuffed animal, Dino, a fluffy green dinosaur (in case you couldn’t put 2 and 2 together from his name. These are the moments that she just can’t get enough of. So, of course, as their Phoenix family photographers we had to capture this for her! They snuggled up in mom’s bed with a good book, each other, and Dino. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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