Shalisa and Harold’s Clayton on the Park wedding in Old Town Scottsdale was fun and classy. Their friends and family came from all over, some traveled from Europe, to be a part of this special day. Due to Harold’s work in the military, I was unable to meet him until the actual wedding day. From what I gathered from all the wonderful things his friends and family had to say about him, getting to know this guys would be an absolute privilege. Together, he and Shalisa make one of the most caring and genuine couples you will ever meet. All of their guests care so deeply for these two and have become some of the biggest cheerleaders regarding their relationship.

Both of the getting ready rooms were full of laughter and tears as excitement for the day was mixed with missing their relatives who were no longer alive and able to make it to their wedding. Shalisa’s mom surprised Shalisa with two picture frame charms for her bouquet of the relatives who has passed away too soon. It was a huge tear jerker of a moment but such a sweet gift and momento for her bouquet. Harold got a matching set for inside of his suit jacket.

These two looked absolutely stunning for their Clayton on the Park wedding and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Couldn’t have asked for a better day to get married in Scottsdale! Their reception got off to a good start with a little Louisiana inspired music for their (second) grand entrance. Their entire wedding party came bouncing in with custom designed parasols, which got everyone on the dance floor thanks to a little help from our friends at Desert House Productions. DJ Anthony kept the party rolling non-stop, as usual and everyone had a blast. We wish these two the best as they continue their lives together.

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