Once upon a time a long, long, long, really long time ago, two people fell in love.  It happened unexpectedly but it happened.  Love has no boundaries and we found that out quickly.  Robin was trying to be “straight” & well I had a family and was in the middle of a separation.  Two church girls who met in church while playing music and  there you have it, our love story!  We had sworn secrecy to each other that we would never tell anyone, including our families about us.  I guess we were naive enough to think they’d always think we were just besties. However, after a few months we said “screw it” and officially started our together journey.   Our story is actually quite complicated and included a ton of pain & heartache as we slowly came out as a couple. However, 10 years has changed a lot and we can privately share more of our story if you are interested.

We started our photo journey through wedding photography over 10 years ago.  When we first started we did not tell our couples that we were a couple.  At the time we felt it would cause people to not hire us, which I am sure was probably an accurate thought.  However, we came to the realization that if our couples did not like it, then they were not the type of client we wanted to photograph.  So, we eventually introduced ourselves as a family & had our little man Austin who joined our crazy world! We actually had nothing to worry about because we became the leading LGBTQ photographers in the state for same-sex weddings and couples!  Traveling for weddings became about 80% of the jobs we booked.  We were on a plane to somewhere multiple times a year and we loved it!  Eventually though, our kids started expressing their desire to have us home more.   We had to listen and stay closer to home.  So, with that we have slowly decreased our weddings & increased the time we spend with our family.  We sold our home in Phoenix (where we went almost every weekend for photos) and focused on our family & Flagstaff.  Most people think that we actually were Phoenix photographers.  However, we have lived here our whole life basically.  We started our business here 10 years ago and it is great to make our town our focus.


We have always been drawn to stories.  Stories like we went though.  Stories with struggle, empowerment, and change!  We are ready for women to step into their own and run the world!  We are moms and we get it!  We have grief, pain and days we want to give up, but we don’t.  We also know we are not alone.  So, we choose to surround ourselves with things that bring us happiness and choose to say no to things that leave us feeling drained.  We want to share this empowerment with all women in Flagstaff.  We believe it’s time for women to not just be moms, wives, & partners but to be strong, independent, and an example to other women.  It’s time to be selfish and make time for yourself, value who you are, invest in you!  We hope to create a group of ladies who not only become friends but start to make a change in the community.  So let’s start our journey to empower and support other women so we can create this fierce womanhood that can’t be messed with.

2011 Photo by Tulasi


Our engagement photos by Dan Dalstra

Hawaii: Photo by Liz Garcia

Our wedding day in Hawaii. Photo by Dan Dalstra

Our favorite wedding couples who supported us from day 1!

Our Family Photo by Cori Roberts.

Just two chick in love in Hawaii (yet again) Photo By Nichole Albino

The real version of our family. NYC 2018 Photo by Jennifer Tonetti Spellman