Team Sports Photography


STEP ONE: Your child will attend their scheduled photo date dressed in their uniform, ready to have their picture taken.

STEP TWO: Your child will be sent home with a unique QR code specifically for their team or personal gallery. This code will be used to pre-register for the gallery and get notifications when the photos are ready to view and purchase.

STEP THREE: Once you’re notified that the gallery is ready, it’s time to shop for prints. You can choose from poses and team photos right online to customize your final order/package. There will be multiple poses available for each child so that you can customize your prints with a variety of poses if you so desire.

STEP FOUR: The final photos shipped directly to your mailing address of choice.



Sibling Photos

If you have multiple children playing on the same team, we can typically try to accommodate sibling photos. We can not, however, pull siblings from different teams.

Private Online Portal

We understand that you might not want everyone on the internet to find your child’s photos. This is why we send your student home with a QR code. In order to see and order your child’s photos, you will have to have your code. Our system is super secure and private to set your mind at ease.

Pricing and Packages

Visit the demo online store

password: 4321

Video Tutorial How to Order

We use the same ordering software for schools, sports, and large events.

Example Ordering Page

Unlike other photos galleries, you can see the final photographs (poses) and pick the ones you like best to customize your preferred package. Unique gifts and digital options are also available during your ordering process. 

* Photo below is for example purposes and does not depict actual backdrop that will be used. Products may vary

View Pricing and Packages

Visit the demo online store

password: 4321


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