Jenn and Amie’s Tempe Center for the Arts wedding was one of the most fun and most photogenic weddings we have ever been a part of. Not to mention, these two have become one of our favorite same sex couples. Since we specialize in same sex wedding photography, it made this wedding extra fun. We love our same sex couples and Jenn and Amie are among the best!

Their Tempe Center for the Arts wedding was decorated with lots of, what you might think was, Halloween decor. No, their wedding was not on Halloween. However, would Tempe Center for the Arts have been available on Halloween, these two would have definitely locked it down for that date. So, the obvious, next best choice would be to get married the day after Halloween. This way, when it comes around to their anniversary, they can go trick or treating one night and celebrate their wedding the next night. Fun occasions back to back? Yes please! These two are so smart haha.

There were little skulls and skeletons throughout their day. From the getting ready room, to the wickedly cool and sexually explicit cake topper, to some of their center pieces, which you will see captured in their ring shot. But, let’s get back to the cake topper…. can we say oooo la la??? We love anything sexually explicit but, when combined with something skulls and skeletons and old phonograph tables we get REALLY excited!!

Apparently Jenn is not easily surprised. Well, Amie called me about a month before their wedding and, scared to death, asked about doing a boudoir shoot for Jenn and surprising her with an album on the wedding day. It was a challenge but we totally pulled it off. The reactions we captured from Jenn checking out the hotness of her soon to be bride were priceless!

Jenn has some crazy dance moves. She LOVES to dance. So, she decided to surprise Amie with a choreographed dance with the entire wedding party. Amie had NO idea, which was awesome! Their entire reception party was basically off the hook!

From the black wedding dress to the super artsy venue and the overwhelming amounts of joking going on during the ceremony, this was one of the most perfectly untraditional same sex weddings we have been a part of. So glad that these girls chose R2 as their photographers! Even more ecstatic to call them friends! Enjoy!

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