The Moore family was inspiring and relatable in so many ways. As a family photographer in Flagstaff I have the privilege of working from home most days. People often mistake working from home as bring able to spend more time with your kids. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. I find myself at home telling my kids, “one more minute…. just after I finish this last thing… just another second… I will do that with you in a bit.” I’m not sure what’s worse; working 40-60 hours a week outside the home or working 40-60 hours a week at home.

Erin and Tad have found this dilemma in their own lives. They work so hard to provide an amazing life for their kids but, on that same note, find that they are longing just to spend time that is valuable with their kids. I asked Erin what would mean the most to her oldest son, who is on the cusp of getting his driver’s license and, likely, being at home far less than he is now. She said, “If I sat down and played or even just watched him do his video games I think he would think I was the coolest mom ever!”

She also went on to tell me that she doesn’t feel that she spends enough time with the other two kiddos either and time is just flying by. Her middle son is in Kung Fu and loving it. He loves showing off and even instructing his siblings on how to do the new moves he is learning. And their daughter just wants individual attention.

I asked her husband, Tad, who he feels like he is missing out on spending time with and he told me that he isn’t entirely sure how to relate to their daughter. She likes dolls and just throwing them all over her room in organized chaos. But he also said that he knows that if he just got down on the floor with her and played that she would eat that up!

I also asked Tad what he sees in his wife that he wishes that she could see in herself. Through tears he told me, “I wish she could see how much the kids love and adore her. When she isn’t here they are asking about her constantly. When Halle hears that garage door opening she runs full speed to meet mom at the door. She works so hard away from home to make a nice life for our family but she doesn’t give herself enough credit and I wish she would.”

So, as their family photographer in Flagstaff and all of this in mind, I went into their house and captured all of the things that this family told me they valued most! Enjoy.

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