family portraits flagstaffThe Nicoll Family called our studio one day with a huge task for us to undertake. Their family was going to be in town and they wanted to have some family portraits done. The catch was, there were about 30 OF THEM! Obviously, we were down for the challenge! We were able to capture this amazing family all over beautiful downtown Flagstaff.

Colleen and Steve are so lucky to have such a large and loving family. They have 5 children and their children had children! The grandkids have ages ranging from 20 to little bitty babies! As you can tell, even though there are a lot of them, that just means there is just that much more love to go around. When we sat down to chat with Colleen about this family portraits experience, she also told us that there were two sets of twins in the group and that there was another set on the way! This family is growing by the minute!

Colleen and Steve travelled up from Springerville, AZ to take capture these memories with us. Downtown Flagstaff has so many amazing backdrops which was good for this particularly big family! We had plenty of options for all of the different personalities we wanted to capture within their family portraits. Towards the end of the session, all of the different families started to come up with so many different set-ups and funny scenes for the cousins to do! These ended up being some of their favorite photos!

We take so much pride in capturing these candid moments that truly reflect all of the genuine interactions within our families. Thank you so much to the Nicoll Family for coming together and making this Saturday afternoon so colorful and fun. If you need family portraits done, no matter the size, The R2 Studio in downtown Flagstaff is ready for you!