travel family sessions

It’s time to talk about Travel Family Sessions! If you haven’t noticed yet, R2 loves to travel! Travel Family Sessions are wonderful for those who enjoy our photography but can’t quite make it to our Flagstaff location. This particular photography experience brought us to beautiful Hawaii to hang out with the Gallardo Family! Ray and Jess met in Flagstaff at an old bar called The Joint. Some time and two boys later, they’re hanging out on the islands.

Jess described Ray as sarcastic and laid back. Apparently, he makes friends quickly and is a really good Dad! This Dad is also in the Marines and has been through four deployments. Thank you for your service, Ray! Ray described Jess as a wonderful Mom who is straightforward and loves to dance. When talking to him about this session, he really wanted a picture of the two of them that made her believe she is beautiful! Ray wanted her to see herself how he sees her. How sweet!

The boys Milo and Oliver have a great brotherly bond despite the differences in their personalities. Milo is sarcastic like his dad, likes video games, and tends to be on the serious side. He also really loves music. He can figure out a song on the piano just by hearing it! His younger brother, Oliver, is the “crazy one”. He thinks everything is a joke and his mom loves his smile. His parents described him as the lovebug of the family as well.

This family dynamic was so much fun to capture! You can tell they just love being in each others company and hanging out. You also cannot beat the wonderful scenery Hawaii has to offer. Travel Family Sessions are so great to feed our wanderlust while bringing our creative portraiture to those outside of our small mountain town. We’re traveling to Chicago next month for another Travel Family Session. Stay tuned for more!