It’s never too early in the year to book a Flagstaff senior photography session for your soon-to-be-graduate! In February, we hosted Donette and her son, Tyler, from Page, Arizona. Donette planned this senior photography session ahead in order to have pictures ready for graduation announcements, the high school yearbooks, and in order to purchase a print to display in their home.

Donette, a single mom, explained to us how Tyler has changed her life and has ultimately given her strength. The two of them enjoy spending time together working out and staying healthy! Prior to their senior photography session in Flagstaff, she described her son as artistic, introverted, and mature for his age. Tyler also is incredibly musically inclined and loves to play guitar. In fact, after high school graduation, Tyler wants to pursue a college education in Audio Engineering and eventually pursue a career that enables him to fulfill his passion of music!

We took all of this into consideration when formulating a game plan for this particular senior photography session at The R2 Studio! We enjoyed listening to rock music during the session and getting to know Tyler and Donette! He brought his guitar with him and we showcased it throughout the photographs.In addition to time in the photography studio, we also took to the streets of Downtown Flagstaff to utilize the exposed brick and stone buildings, which added versatility to this senior photography session.

In addition to pursuing a career in music, Tyler wants to make his mom proud. After spending time with them in the studio for his senior photography session, we are confident that he is doing so. Best of luck to you in your final year in high school and with all of your future plans, Tyler!

flagstaff senior photography session

Flagstaff Senior Photography Session

flagstaff senior photography session