Senior Portraits are always a difficult thing to tackle. Especially when it’s your first time! Zach’s mom Jen is having a difficult time dealing with the fact that her eldest child is graduating high school. Can you imagine how thankful she will be when she looks back at these senior portraits and remembers this special time in her son’s life? She will have some amazing artwork that reflects who he was during this transitional phase and that is absolutely priceless.

Zach is someone who loves the outdoors. When we were asking him about what he likes to do, everything involved being outside! Mostly, he has a passion for snowboarding. Maybe we’ll need to contact Zach again in the winter and do more senior portraits that capture him shredding the beautiful peaks Flagstaff has to offer! Other than outdoor activities, Zach is actually interested in being a lawyer like his Dad. Look out legal world, you’ve got a winner coming for you. Jen said that Zach is a determined kid that is naturally good at whatever he wants to tackle. He could show up for something totally unprepared and absolutely nail it! We’re jealous! We’re thinking that college is going to be a breeze for this guy, if that’s the case!

For Zach’s senior portraits, we wanted to capture what a chill and easy-going kid he is. We also wanted to showcase his smile. According to Jen, Zach is very smiley and she loves that about him. Of course, we included the amazing mountain scenery Flagstaff is brimming with, and Zach’s trusty truck! Thank you so much to this family for trusting us to capture their first senior going out into the world. We know it’s a difficult time but now you have some great photos to take away from it. Zach, we hope your senior year at Flagstaff High School is awesome! Stay tuned for more senior portraits with The R2 Studio!