Ella & Sergey had a beautiful Flagstaff Backyard Wedding full of culture, DIY elements and some goats.  Ella is a rugby player and Sergey, well he loves thighs and butts.  The combination is perfect.  We loved these two from the beginning.  They are full of laughter, crazy stories and major love for each other.  So when they hired us to capture their Flagstaff Wedding we were smitten!  Sergey is from Russia, which explains he craziness of who he is.  He is funny, outgoing, loves his culture and that beard….that beard!  This was one of the funnest couples along with their bridal party that we had the privilege of photographing in 2014.  So here it is, in all it’s craziness.  We introduce Ella & Sergey’s Flagstaff Backyard Wedding.

Photography by Renee, Robin & Andy of The R2 StudioFlagstaff Backyard wedding Flagstaff Backyard wedding 2015-01-17_0064 2015-01-17_0065 Flagstaff Backyard wedding 2015-01-17_0067 2015-01-17_0068 2015-01-17_0069 2015-01-17_0070 2015-01-17_0071 2015-01-17_0072 2015-01-17_0073 2015-01-17_0074 2015-01-17_0075 Flagstaff Backyard wedding photos 2015-01-17_0077 2015-01-17_0078 2015-01-17_0079 2015-01-17_0080 2015-01-17_0082 2015-01-17_0083 Flagstaff Backyard wedding photos 2015-01-17_00852015-01-17_0081