Ellie & Krista’s Shemer Art Center Wedding was FABULOUS!  It was full of amazing details, great people and a beautiful couple.  Their wedding was the first one The R2 Studio captured as soon as the marriage equality laws went into effect. In fact, it was the next day.  So their same-sex wedding was now legal in the state of AZ and you bet they, their guests & R2 celebrated like crazy at the Shemer art center.  Speaking of, this place is haunted.  We have never had things happen like they happened on their wedding day.  Let’s just give you a little rundown….  Our two cameras we ALWAYS shoot with stopped working.  I (Renee) was using one and Robin had the other.  They literally just stopped taking images within 2 minutes of each other.  We then had to use our back-up cameras. (This is why you hire a pro-we actually have back-up cameras).  After that our back-up camera broke.  No kidding. Shemer art center is HAUNTED!  The DJ was a no show so we ended up bringing over a car and playing music out of that for them to dance to.  Check out the image below.  Then all of a sudden the power went out completely.  So there was no lights outside for dinner or dancing.  So what did we do!  We made it work.  This is also why you hire someone who knows how to use lights!  We are up for anything that gets thrown our way but seriously-this was pure craziness! Ellie & Krista are some of our favs to this day and we couldn’t have been more proud to have captured their wedding at the Shemer Art Center.  Take a look!

Photography by Robin & Renee Of The R2 Studio

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