Family photography is some of our favorite work that we do. Each and every family dynamic is unique and has a story to tell. Of course, if there’s one thing we know about R2, it is that we love to tell stories! This family is so wonderfully different! Additionally, they made for a fun afternoon in the studio.

Rian came to us wanting family photography to gift her parents for the holidays. During her Discovery Session, it became clear that their family was no ordinary dysfunctional family. Actually, they aren’t very dysfunctional at all! They all get along! While that is a foreign idea to a lot of us, it’s so wonderful to hear of the love that is pouring out of this family.

Originally from Michigan, Rian and her husband moved to Flagstaff 6 years ago. That started a trend of everyone in the family moving further away from each other. Luckily, they do the best they can to get together multiple times a year.

Rian was passionate about our candid family photography. It was very important for their images to be fun, happy, and reflect how ecstatic they are when they are physically present in each others lives. We think that came out very well during their session. They even had a dance party in our studio!

Let’s talk about dinosaur suits! Not only are these funny on their own, Rian’s father is a volunteer paleontologist! He is in a club that goes on archeological digs to find fossils and studies everything dinosaur related. It was so fun to see the grandkids have fun with their grandpa in that way.

Special thanks to this family for having fun with us in the studio! What story does your family have to tell? We’d love to capture those moments in family photography for you! Call The R2 Studio Today!

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