Our first senior portrait session for 2019! Everyone say hello to Grace. Her family has become some R2 Studio regulars. Robin has been photographing their kids over the past few years. Grace is their youngest so, this portrait session is slightly bittersweet. She came to us looking for beautiful and unique photos to display during her graduation ceremony. Her senior portrait session was definitely a special one.

Grace got to take a look at some of our most recent senior portrait sessions. She loved what we did for Eva and Connor and wanted in on the action. We absolutely love when our work resonates with our other clients. It means we’re doing something right! We also love that Grace wanted more of some of the experimental shots Robin has been playing with.

This year we want to play with more color, shoot throughs, and different compositions of photographs. Each experiment we do is centered around our awesome clients and focuses on what they want out of their senior portrait session. We love making your photos as unique as you are!

Some of our favorite shots are of Grace in the snow in her gorgeous gown! It was such a fun idea to incorporate a formal outfit in a snowy landscape. That is something you don’t normally get to do because it’s just too cold! Thank goodness for a handy green screen and a warm downtown studio!

Thank you so much to Grace for trusting us with her senior portrait session needs. We are so proud to be a go to for unique and personalized portraits. We hope the rest of Grace’s senior year goes well and we just know her senior pictures are going to be a hit at graduation!

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