Our high school seniors are very important to us over at The R2 Studio. We love to tell the story of future generations and help them discover themselves. Before you know it, they’re off to a new chapter in their lives. Connor came to us looking for something different for his Senior Portraits. We think Robin definitely delivered. Here’s Connor’s story!

Connor is a high school senior who loves skiing. Luckily, Flagstaff is such a wonderful place to live for skiing during our long, snowy winters. When we did his session, it wasn’t quite snowing yet. However, Robin didn’t let that stop her from supplying great skiing photos for him!

Additionally, Connor loves experimental art and photography. Actually, he’s looking into a photojournalism degree! Maybe one day he’ll be giving Robin a run for her money! The R2 Studio has been looking for new, creative ways to put a spin on your average portraits. Using different shoot-through techniques and adding some colored light made for some innovative senior portraits! Connor’s pictures will definitely stand out above the crowd.

Connor was a mellow and funny dude here in our studio. Aside from art, skiing and photography, Connor is part of an after school music club. They discuss music, and participate in general music appreciation. Overall, Connor is an introverted guy, but I’m sure getting into the art community out of high school will broaden his horizons quite a bit!

Special thanks to Connor and his family for doing their senior portrait experience with us! We love showcasing each and every original high school senior to tell their story. Gifting them with amazing pictures that capture who they are. Don’t wait to scramble for your own senior portrait experience! Contact The R2 Studio today to chat with us about our senior collections and ideas for more innovative, senior portrait photography!