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We got the memo.

You all have asked. In fact, we get phone calls, emails, facebook messages daily from wedding vendors in AZ and all around the world. We have found that you need help and don’t know where to go.  How do you talk to a same-sex couples?  What can you do to attract LGBT clients?  Can you please help me fix my emails so that they are gender neutral?  Of course! We are passionate about these questions and even more so about wedding vendors desiring to be equality minded. We have been known to politely call out a venue who still has a “bride” getting ready room & a “groom” getting ready room.  When an LGBT couple comes to do a venue tour they WILL notice this! We promise.  And yes, it is something very small to you BUT not to them, and the good news is that it is easy to change this and be more gender equal and show that you’re an ally. This is why we have created the Love is Love Workshop. This workshop is geared toward all vendors with a one day emphasis on wedding photography and working with same sex couples. Love is Love is a Same Sex wedding photography workshop with all you will need to know about how to communicate effectively to your potential same sex clients.. love is love workshopWhat’s our story? Glad you asked.

We planned our own wedding over the course of two years between 2012 and 2014. During the planning process it came to our attention, from personal experience, that far too many vendors out there either had no clue how to communicate with a same-sex couple, weren’t sure how to provide their services, or just flat out refused to serve us. It didn’t take us long to determine that we ONLY wanted to work with vendors who were 100% supportive of marriage equality. After all, it had only become legal in a handful of states during our wedding planning process.  Aside from the vendors who simply refused to return our phone calls or give us the time of day, we found out that so many of the vendors we did connect with wanted to know more about how to better provide their services to couples like us so that all couples felt like they were being treated equally.

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As wedding photographers, having photographed over 50+ same-sex couples, who also happen to be a same-sex couple ourselves and have been called “same-sex wedding photography specialists” by some of the industry’s finest, we have created the Love is Love Workshop to help our friendors who are in need!So we here at The R2 Studio (Robin & Renee) are finally doing it.  We are sharing with you how we book so many same-sex couples.  In fact, we are now to the point in our business where the percentage of LGBTQ couples is greater for us than non-same-sex couples.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Be ahead of the game.

Are you a wedding vendor who wants to work with same-sex couples but don’t know how to start?  Are you a photographer who strongly wants to photograph your first or second LGBT wedding, but need portfolio images to show you’re an ally?  Are you a wedding planner who doesn’t know how to change your wording on your website or you just sent off an email to two brides and it asked the grooms name?  It happens all the time and we are here to get you up to speed.  We will be giving you the knowledge to know what you need to change, what you can add or omit to your site, what wording is instantly turning away your potential same-gender couples, and more!

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We have created a FREE E-book that will give you 3 simple steps that you can change right now to move your business forward.



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We are also getting ready to rock and roll with one-on-one workshops where you will come to us (or us to you) and we will spend the day or two making hands-on immediate changes to all of your emails, questionnaires, templates, contract wording and more.  We will also do an LGBT friendliness score on your wedding website as it is now & work with you to make the needed changes to attract your new couples immediately.  R2 will also be offering shootouts with photographers with some of our own same-sex couples so YOU can build your portfolio and instantly show LGBTQ couples that you’re accepting.  Let’s make it so that no one comes to your site and has to wonder if you will call them back or deny being a part of their wedding is love workshop

Here’s what you need to do now!

We are launching the official Love is Love Workshop in fall of 2016. Check out our one-on-one training options, look into hosting your own class with R2 or be the first to find out when you can attend a full workshop. We would love to have you join us and help you create an equality-minded presence to all of your soon to be new LGBT couples.

P.S. Share away!  We would LOVE for you to share this post with anyone you know in the wedding industry who is LGBTQ supportive & would LOVE more same-sex weddings!