We have got to talk to you all about this crazy whirlwind of a trip to see Natalie & Garry for their Las Vegas Engagement photos. This past Saturday we headed out from Arizona for the drive over to Vegas as Natalie & Garry flew in from Dallas.  We met these two from our past friends and brides, Jenny & Steph, as they worked together at one of the strip hotels.  N & G wanted to do a Fremont engagement session which is considered the old Vegas Downtown area. Downtown Vegas is full of amazing people watching opportunities, as you will see below.  We headed off to photograph them under the crazy vegas vibe.  What happened after that stays in Vegas.  Just kidding, we’ll tell you all about it after you look at their Las Vegas Engagement session.











So here’s the rest of the story, if you haven’t heard already.  We ended their session and thought about just driving back home to AZ. We had booked a hotel room the day before but felt like we were going to be traveling so much that maybe we should just drive back and forget about staying.  We headed to dinner and decided since we had already paid for our room we’d just go check-in, get some rest and head back in the morning.  We got to the Hard Rock Hotel after an exhausting day and were ready to crash.  But, fate would have a different story for us.  We got up to the lovely girl checking us in who informed us that we had been randomly selected for a free upgrade.  We both looked at each other thinking the other had possibly done this as a surprise for the other.  She then informed us we would be staying in the penthouse. Seriously? We paid $150, taxes included and we were staying in a penthouse? Robin literally was like “what, are you serious?” Then she continued to let us know that we would be spending the night in “The Real World, the one with he bowling alley” penthouse suite. Now, if any of you know us well you know we are reality TV junkies, and Real World happens to be one of our shows of choice.  Our excitement was over the top and we kept asking if this was legit.

We have a fabulous life and travel a lot. However, what you see on the outside is the excitement of our travels & our love for shooting weddings.  What people don’t see is that it can be draining, takes us away from our kids and is a ton of work. We are always on the job when we travel.  In all honestly life has been full of trials for us personally and we needed a break. Something to nudge us into positivity. The week before this we had made a pact to bring only positivity energy into our life and release the negative.  Let the universe bring us some much needed change, believing that what we give out we will get back.  We didn’t know that it would actually work.  Once we picked ourselves off the ground, we headed up to the top floor of the Hard Rock and walked the long hallway down to the end. There two huge doors with neon lights radiating off the floor waiting to greet us.

Here is how it went down.

Moral of this story is release negative energy and give out positive vibes. Then shoot a fabulous engagement in Vegas. It just may work in your favor.

Lots of Love,

Renee & Robin