Savanna & John’s Seville Golf Club Wedding was a fabulous way to end our 2014 year!  With just one wedding after them we knew we had to rock out this wedding, especially when we saw the sky during their wedding day sunset.  From the moment we met these two we knew they were R2 quality.  They have now become personal friends of ours for life.  Savanna has this bubbly personality that is genuine and kind while Jon is the quiet and observant one.  Many factors go into choosing wedding couples that are a right fit for us, and these two knock it out of the park.  Their wedding photos from the Seville Golf Club are almost as spectacular as these two are so with that we ask you to prepare yourself to have your mind blown with these images from S & J’s Seville Golf Club Wedding.

Images by Robin of The R2 Studio-2nd shooter Josh of 2J’s Photography

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