As a Flagstaff family photographer photographing families and couples in this small mountain town, I often find myself photographing families and couples multiple times. The Shaw family is a perfect example of that! Years ago we had photographed Kim and Matt’s Flagstaff wedding. Since then they have moved to the Middle East, had their son, Adler, and then moved back to the U.S. to show Adler the amazing adventures that this town has to offer.

In my process of getting to know more about the current adventure that the Shaw family is experiencing with having a 2 year old, I learned that Kim and Matt are excited to experience the outdoors in Flagstaff. They didn’t have opportunity where they were in the Middle East for Adler to go outside and play. So, this is huge for them! I also learned that Adler loves when dad reads him books. “He just sinks into Matt’s arms,” Kim said, “Like it’s the perfect spot for him. He just fits.” When I asked her what she sees when she looks into Adler’s big blue eyes, “My dad,” she said. I could hear her getting emotional about that as we talked. Being able to capture these two things for this family so that they could hold onto them and remember how it feels to be in this moment right now was super important. Mission accomplished!

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