We’re sad to say that The R2 Studio is taking a break from wedding photography, however, we went out with a bang!Spotlight on John and Levizadik. This beautiful couple joined the R2 Family in December of 2016 for their engagement photography experience! We were so happy to enter their lives again for their big day!

John and Deek met during a darker time in John’s life. His mom had recently passed away and Deek brought some much needed light into John’s world. It is so beautiful how the trials in our lives bring us to the people we need the most. John wore a very special watch on his wedding day that was given to him by his mother. One of her last wishes was for him to wear it at his wedding. Such a touching detail that meant so much to him. Deek’s family also saw tragedy with the death of one of his siblings. They did a beautiful candlelight vigil during their ceremony to honor their loved ones who had passed.

This couple resides in a lovely skyrise apartment right in the heart of downtown Chicago! We had never been there before and you’d better believe we were blown away! We made sure to take advantage of the amazing city landscape for some of their wedding photography. It’s no surprise that these two also chose a venue that really hammered in the urban city feel. Morgan Manufacturing is a gorgeous venue that is a completely renovated, pre-Chicago Fire building that screams “industrial elegance”. This was such an exquisite space to be in and it was perfect for this couple. Deek requested that we capture the entire wedding party in their stunning bathroom. Every part of this venue was extremely picturesque.

When it came to the reception, only one word comes to mind… DANCE! Deek is a professional dance instructor so, obviously, there were many talented dancers at this wedding. John is a self-proclaimed “terrible” dancer. We mostly found him snapping along on the dance floor. One of our favorite photos from the reception has Deek, his mom and his sister dancing together. It was such a big deal having them at the wedding. They had never flown before! However, they faced their fears and flew out to Chicago to support him. We were so enamored by the amount of love surrounding this couple.

Although the R2 Studio is stepping away from weddings, we were thrilled to make John and Deek’s wedding our final, epic wedding photography day. We truly could not have asked for a better first trip to Chicago. Congratulations, John & Deek! We just know that your lives will be full of devotion, delight and loads of dancing. Cheers!

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morgan manufacturing wedding venue

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