Sommer and Brody’s San Francisco City Hall wedding was amazing from start to finish. These two planned an intimate wedding on what they thought and hoped would be a gorgeous day in late December. If you’ve ever been to San Francisco for any period of time you may know that it’s hard to know what to expect from a city that sits in a bay. It could be foggy, it could be cold, it could be clear and sunny, or it could be raining. On this particular day Mother Nature decided to call for rain. It rained for DAYS! Did that dampen the mood? Not at all! In fact, we decided we would put up a fight by traveling around town in the rain, holding umbrellas, and taking some of the most amazing San Francisco wedding photos ever!

Sommer and Brody got ready for the day at the Marines Memorial Club. We also did their first look in the library at the MMC, which turned out to be a fantastic backdrop. Little did we know that Brody would be so overtaken by his emotions. This guy, who comes across looking pretty tough and so GQ is actually just a soft little teddy bear on the inside. He was so adorable during the first look. The tears didn’t stop there. They picked right back up during the ceremony. It was so cute.

Their intimate wedding ceremony took place at San Francisco’s city hall on one of the upper levels, which was incredible. Afterwards we hopped around the city in various Uber cars to get a few photos at The Palace of Fine Arts and make a quick stop at a little pizza joint to feed Brody who was getting a bit hangry by that point. The photos at the Pizzeria Avellino are some of my favorite from the day. It’s not typical to stop at a pizza shop and grab drinks from the adjacent convenient store on a wedding day WITH the bride and groom. I will never forget how good it felt to just spend a few brief moments eating pizza and sharing a drink with Sommer and Brody. It was like having a time out. Loved it!

We wrapped up the day back at the Marines Memorial Club for their reception. It was a perfect ending to one of the most perfect days…. ever! Enjoy

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